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Carolyn Whitlock

Dear Discovery,

This bell is called a Sennacherib’s or Assyrian Bell. In researching this bell, I found the following information on the Internet:

…The battles are dealt with chronologically, and the first one deals with the siege of Jerusalem in 701BC by the Assyrian army under the ruler Sennacherib.

The battle/siege referred to was certainly of great significance in the unfolding story of God’s people. The Northern Kingdom of Israel had already been utterly defeated. King Hezekiah was on the throne of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, advised by the prophet Isaiah. He had entered into a military alliance with the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Philistines against the great world power of the day, Assyria, and it had been a debacle. Dozens of fortified cities had been defeated by Sennacherib’s army, and then Jerusalem itself found itself under siege. When all seemed lost, the Assyrian army was struck down by a mysterious pestilence, and Sennacherib withdrew his army. What the disease was there is no way of knowing, but it meant that Judah was left intact, and Hezekiah remained on his throne. Judah remained a vassal state, yes, but the House of David stayed alive, and the religion of Israel survived…

I trust someone else can tell us by whom the bell was made and about when it was made.

In her book Collectible Bells, Treasures of Sight and Sound, Donna Baker says:

Sennacherib’s Army or Assyrian bell is made of brass. The relief around the body of the bell shows Assyrian warriors carrying heads of Hittite captives after a battle. From a seventh century relief in London’s British Museum.