Although this bell says St.Louis, it was actually made for Rumsey by the McShane bellfoundry, under what we would now call a “private label” arrangement. All aspects of the style of Rumsey-labelled bronze bells and their fittings are identical to those from McShane. For “Rumsey” bells which are large enough to be hung on A-frames, those A-frames actually bear the McShane name and are identical to the A-frames found on McShane-labelled bells.

Louis M. Rumsey of St.Louis came from the Rumsey family of Seneca Falls, NY, about 1860.

I think the date on your bell is 1887, not 1897. Maybe that was a typo.

I concur with KC’s remark about the clapper springs. They should not be removed, because they help the bell to ring clearly and cleanly.