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Steve Parlanti has sent the following information to share with you:

Conrad Parlanti, designer of RAF Benevolent Bell

Corrado Antonio Parlanti (known as Dino to his family) was born on June 20th, 1903, in Fulham, London, to Ercole James Parlanti, who was a prominent bronze founder. Ercole and his older brother, Alessandro, who were both born in Rome to Antonio Parlanti, also an Art Bronze Founder, came to England sometime between the 1880s and 1901. It is believed that Alessandro came to England at the request of Sir Alfred Gilbert for whom he used to cast at the Nelli Foundry in Rome. Alessandro started his own foundry in Fulham casting for the top sculptors of the time with Ercole working for him. Around about 1918, Alessandro returned to Rome and Ercole started his own foundry in West Kensington, London. Ercole’s best known casting is the RAF War Memorial, the bronze eagle, on the Embankment. Conrad Parlanti would have been 20 years old as this was cast in 1923 and I spoke to Conrad’s daughter, Theodora Parlanti, who lives in America, who confirmed that Conrad had worked on this at his father’s foundry. As he got older, Corrado [Conrad] had his own foundries, in Teddington and Herne Bay, and had a number of other business ventures, including at one time being a co-owner of the Carron Metal Works in Falkirk. I believe Conrad’s foundries were more generalised than the bronze foundries of Ercole and Alessandro. In 1955, Conrad emigrated to America (California) and continued with is own company, developing a number of patents on the way. He continued to work right up until he died on 1st August 1984, in Tulare, California.