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I want to thank the members who contributed posts to uncover and conclusively identify this bell. I was surprised to find out that my bell was modern! I suppose you could more accurately say “very modern”

In particular I would like to thank Joan of the United Kingdom chapter or branch that submitted my bell to Carolyn and Carolyn herself who was so kind to post my inquiry and photographs.

I was really surprised to find out that there are so many avid bell collectors and additionally that there are so many different types of bells.

I had thought in thinking of old bells that it mostly referred to the large variety of decorative glass bells.I was obviously wrong.

I have a suggestion for members to perhaps greatly increase interest as well as membership.

Write a 1, 2, 3, page introduction about bells and bell collecting. Mention that bells are obtainable at estate sales, auctions, garage sales etc:. Bells range from small miniatures to very large Bronze and from pennies to thousands of dollars to purchase. Also that some bells have histories attached to them.

I have read some of the posts about bells that members have ‘found’ – >Discovered< like digging for an old coin is probably more apt. It is very interesting.
I was intrigued by the Assyrian Bell (beheaded soldiers). People today have no conception of the savageness, ferocity and ruthlessness of wars through past history. Any kind of puncture wound meant sure death. Even open wounds were likely to cause death from infection. The conquerors often slaughtered those they conquered en masse.

I will ask my Assyrian girlfriend about it. She speaks and writes Assyrian and Arabic and left Iraq about 15 years ago. Assyrians are Catholic. She is watching her grandson while her daughter is away working for the Govt. The problem is she does not have access to a computer at the moment.

In the past towns had what were called the “Town Crier” He walked through the town and rang a belll and made a particularly important announcement. I would like to get one of those.

One question I have is – How often were bells either dated OR embellished with a makers mark?

Anyway thanks very much