Craig Fitzpatrick

Thanks for your return comments on this bell. I suppose what I have been referring to (mistakenly) as a filler coating on the casting is actually the patina which I didn’t think could be so thick or so difficult to clean off. I have used a wire wheel to get down to the base metal in some places but not evenly over the whole surface because it just was too hard to get off. The top coat of paint came off easily but the patina was a different story.
I would guess that this bell has been machined both inside and outside judging by what looks like lathe tool cut marks on the faces. I would be very interested in seeing photos of the turning process. This machining must represent some early template following cutting techniques and must have been done on some big lathes.
I’d hoped to attach some pictures to this comment but the attachment uploading function is not working. I have reduced these images to 160K jpgs but still no luck. ‘The board attachment quota has been reached’ I guess that means no pictures.
Once reassembled, this bell will be displayed inside so it will not regain its patina anytime soon. I have been intending to put a semigloss or matte clear coat on the bell just to help keep it from getting finger printed, this might also be unnecessary.
Since polishing is no longer something that makes sense and both I and the client like the way it looks better in this less finished condition, I guess I am finished with the refinishing on this. One further question if you have time. Does the date on the bell always refer to the date when the bell was cast or does it refer to an older patent date or something else?