Neil Goeppinger

This is a bit of a Johnnie Come Lately comment, but I have removed the patina from a bronze bell with a lot of hard work and dirty clothes using Navel Jelly on small areas about one foot square, then scrubbing in off after a few minutes of the Navel Jelly acid working using a medium brass bristle brush like a charcoal grill brush and washing it with generous amounts of gasoline while I use the brass brush. You WILL get dirty. After that you can polish the bell with automobile rubbing compound (liquid) and a high speed buffer with a sheeps wool head. It takes lots of time too. Many bells are better left in their natural patina state, as long as the patina is attractive.

In your pictures, the smaller bell is a brass railroad engine bell, and brass takes a higher polish than bronze. The Vanduzen bell, of course, is bronze. The advantage of the bronze bell is that is has a much nicer tone than the shrill sound of a brass bell, so you’ve got a trade off. One of your bells polishes up smoother and brighter, and the other sounds better. — Neil