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Neil Goeppinger added this information about Travis’ bell:

First, your bell is made of bronze, not brass (approx 78 to 80% copper and the rest tin). Brass is copper and zink and makes a sharp shrill sound so it is used for alarm bells like locomotive or fire engine bells.

The circumfrence of your bell appears to be about 88 inches, which make the diameter around 28″. At that diameter, the bell will not weigh 900 lbs. It will weigh less.

As to a value, I would say between $120 and $140 per inch of diameter if the bell is complete with all the parts and not chipped around the rim of the mouth. From the photos, the lettering does not appear to be as nicely formed as is usual on a Vanduzen bell.

Vanduzen was the successor to the G. W. Coffin Co bell foundry of Cincinnati, Ohio. G. W. Coffin made the most ornate bells in the U.S., but when Vanduzen took over the foundry, he dropped the ornamentation. He also changed the shape of the bells so they produced a better tone than the previous G. W. Coffin bells.

Vanduzen was one of the large bell foundries in the U.S. and made thousands of bells. — Neil

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