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Definitely Spun Brass Harry!

I would believe you on the home use too. I re-read my original posting and see where I meant to say “Ships bell style” and omitted the last word. Thought it, just didn’t say it! Good Catch.

What I found unusual was the way it was to be hung though. It’s clearly meant to be affixed to the TOP of something like a flat roof line. Most bells are wall hung (bracket mounts to wall in a half hoop type loop). This is the first one I have seen in this style.

The ring is slightly tinny as I don’t think the bell has been adjusted for tone – it’s too light. Just another sign it’s a mass produced home piece.

I also noted, but did not mention, the line on the mounting bracket on the top. I believe that represents the edge of the roof for mounting purposes.

Thanks for your reply!