Hi Carl This bell was in the AME Methodist church in Ivanhoe Va not St Louis. My sister lived beside the old abandoned church and out of curosity i went in the bell room and climbed 30 feet up an old latter and to my amazement there was this enormous very fancy bell. As i had stated, pigeons had roosted in the tower and you couldnt tell what it was bronze or cast steel alloy. I do remember it had a clapper not like in most bronze bells, it was like the cs bell clappers. I do not recollect any rings on the soundbow or barrel or shoulder of this big bell, but the wheel was a 4 spoke spireled with beautiful vines and something that looked like roses or lilys on the wheel. I wanted to go and peck on it but the top of the latter lacked a step so i was afraid to chance a fall. This bell had a tolling hammer(ball type) Sometime later a few months, i was here at home and heard this beautiful bell. It had a bronze tone unlike the other churches i ever heard. Someone put a rope on the bell and was ringing it one day for fun. Not too much longer i heard that it was stolen and it dissapeared for ever. One rumor i heard was an antique dealer got it from some thiefs and took it to Roanoke Va. I dont know where it went from there if the rumor is true. Wish I did, but there definately was a foundry in St Louis that made church bells with the fancy wheels on them for I saw it at close range. One never forgets something that beautiful and fancy. The wheel was probably 4 ft in diameter Ron