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These Indonesian Temple bells are most likely worthless copies. At least a dozen of these can be found on eBay at any given time, in a wide array of sizes and prices, with various claims that they are bonafide antiques. A glance at the poor workmanship and cheap modern stands tells you they are not. They are most likely being mass-produced in India or China and sold to uninformed collectors as old temple bells. The scammers are counting on the idea that the majority of Westerners don’t realize that authentic antique temple bells would not be allowed out of these countries in the first place. I’ve also seen these bells at places like Pier 1 Imports and various low-end furniture stores. Anyone who paid Christies over a grand for this got royally taken for a ride. It’s junk. African bells are being copied in this way also, and have been sold on eBay by crooked dealers. I know, because I bought one.

Bradleigh Utz