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Carolyn Whitlock

In response to your remark about what a bell collector is called, the most common term is Campanologist.

Campanology (from Late Latin campana, “bell”; and Greek -λογία, -logia) is the study of bells. It encompasses the physical realities of bells — how they are cast, tuned and sounded — as well as the various methods devised to perform bell-ringing.
It is common to collect together a set of tuned bells and treat the whole as one musical instrument. Such collections — such as a Flemish carillon, a Russian zvon, or an English “ring of bells” used for change ringing — have their own practices and challenges; and campanology is likewise the study of perfecting such instruments and composing and performing music for them.

The next most common term is Tintinnabulist.

tin·tin·nab·u·lum  [tin-ti-nab-yuh-luhm]
–noun,plural-la [‐luh]
a small, tinkling bell or a set of bells played in succession.