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87a – CA 1880 PHEASANT on TREE call, table, counter, desk spring flick bell (pitakat)

British registry mark is very obscure, but our other one shows the date of May 7, 1880, so we assume the same for this. Odd looking clapper, but we have another one of these fitted with the exact same.
Good condition- no damage. 4-3/4″ high x 3-3/4″ diam. (approx.)



87b – CAT & 3 KITTENS bronze/brass table desk counter NODDER bell (pitakat)

Original correct flat clapper. No marks. Good sound. Good detail. Nods but not with a great deal
of to & fro because of the large clapper hitting the inside of the bell.
Good condition- no damage. 3-5/8″ high x 2-3/4″ diam. (approx.)



87c – Early 1900s MUNICH CHILD wall hanging electric servant bell push (pitakat)

Depicts das M√ľnchner Kindl of Germany. Bronze-finished spelter (white metal). Great detail.
Pictured in Lange’s “Electrishe Tischklingeln”, pg 124. Original interior push mechanism.
Good condition- no damage. 3-1/4″ high x 1-1/4″ diam. (approx.)