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67a – Tischklingel AUERHAHN Wiener Bronze original um 1900
Klingelknopf AUERHAHN
Originale Wiener Bronze aus der Zeit um 1900 !!!
KEINE Replike !!!
Ca. 6,5 x 6,8 x 4 cm
Sehr guter Zustand !
Mit Originalkabel

Table bell AUERHAHN original Vienna bronze circa 1900 Bell AUERHAHN
Vienna bronze originals from the period around 1900!
NOT a replica!
Approx. 6.5 x 6.8 x 4 cm
Very good condition!
With original wires

Another table-type bell push from the Art Nouveau period.
It sold in the normal price range.



67b – Vintage Twist Mechanical Figural Bell, Snail with Leaf, NR
I am offering two mechanical bells this week. This one is of a snail crawling across a leaf. You twist the top to ring the bell. It is in good working order. This desk bell measures 5-1/2″ long and 3″ wide.

This seller has sold some very expensive mechanial bells, but this one was apparently priced beyond anyone’s interest.



67c – Vintage Figural Mechanical Jockey Cap Desk Bell with Letter Rack, NR
The bell sits under a jockey’s cap. The riding crop on the right pulls across to the left and moves back to the right to ring. Behind the jockey cap is a letter rack. No doubt this was a piece for used on a gentleman’s desk. The entire whole piece sits on top of a horse shoe. The piece measures 7″ by 6″ and is 4-1/2″ tall. The piece is done in brass and silverplate finish. This piece is in amazing condition. The riding crop is bent up in the back and I am not sure if that is original or has been bent up.

As was this one.