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52a – Circa 1890 Bear Wearing Collar w/ Bells TAP BELL France
Manufactured by Cailar, Bayard & Cie. (1848-1934) in Paris, France. (I show a cover image of one of the company’s catalogs circa 1900, below). The bell is in working condition, but doesn’t sound good. Instead of a nice bright ring, it sounds more like the clackety-clack of something stuck in the spokes of a bicycle wheel. I have opened up the bell and the spring driven insides seem to be working fine with no missing parts, so I’m not sure why the ring isn’t more melodious. The tap bell measures 6.75″ high and weighs two pounds one ounce. I believe the bear is silver plated. There are signs of wear on the bell, where a copper color shows through in areas.

A good, honest description of the item with a problem noted.



52b – Roycroft Bell ARTS & CRAFTS metal hand hammered…..RARE PIECE!
This bell by Roycroft I believe is copper with a brass patina.Magnet does not stick. Marked with the middle period Roycroft stamp in the tab handle. The clapper and chain are original with no damage or repairs. Measures 2 3/4″ high, 1 3/4″ in diameter.

As far as I know, this was the only bell made by Roycroft, in the American Arts & Crafts era. They are said to be hammered copper, then finished with either a “brass wash”, a “silver wash” or a dark brown patina.

Price is fairly standard and in the normal range.



52c – Benin or Yoruba Brass or Bronze Bell Africa NIGERIA african ritual musical great
OLD Benin or Yoruba bell from Nigeria. Brass or bronze. 6.5 inches high. Excellect casting, excellent quality. Pure, clean sound.

See Al Loeffler’s article in the May-June 2011 Bell Tower. This is the type known as a Quad Face bell.

This was one very determined bidder. If you check the Bid History, you will see that this person placed 11 of the total 14 bids. After getting in the lead near the end of the auction, s/he kept thinking and rethinking a max amount, and placed an additional 5 “insurance” bids at successively higher levels.