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42a – Antique Brass & Shell Mechanical Tortoise Table Bell
A fine antique Victorian enamel painted solid Brass & shell mechanical table, hotel desk or shop counter bell in the form of a Tortoise, the mechanical bell housed under the carapace with key winder to the underside base; when the head of the Tortoise is depressed the bell rings & works very well. (c.1900)

Another mechanical turtle bell, with celluloid shell, possibly German,
and earlier than the Spanish ones in (Part 20).



42b – ANTIQUE Dutch Girl & Goose 5 1/2″ Brass Lady Bell
MAKER ~ Unknown
CONDITION ~ showing a good amount of patina from over the years
SIZE ~ 5 1/2″ tall, WEIGHT ~ 2 lbs., MARKED ~ None

A relative large and heavy lady figurine bell, with the reddish patina that many collectors favor.
Unfortunately, there are remnants of dried polish or investment material,
but hopefully that could be cleaned without destroying the patina.



42c – 19thC Antique India Woman, Bronze Foot Scrubber Bell
Antique Indian Bronze Foot Scrubbers were used by women to rub off callouses from their feet. These scrubbers usually have a crotal bell in the bottom. I was told this was so men, who might come come upon a women scrubbing her feet is warned not to enter the room. To have a man observe a women doing this is considered embarrassing. … At the top of this 19th century Bronze Scrubber is a 2” long by 1 ½” tall figural bull handle. This bull is standing on top of a 2 3/4“ long by 1 1/8“ tall reticulated base with three small stone balls inside. The overall height of this 19th century Foot Scrubber is 3” and it has acquired an old worn patina from years of use.

This looks to be a good quality casting, but I have no reliable way of dating these bells. To a seller, “older is better” as it may fetch a higher price. You must judge for yourself, watch the market to compare with others and determine what it is worth to you.