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36c Examples of bells we have seen previously, for comparison purposes.


Carl Wagner Bronze Elk Stag Bell Original Sculpture
Artist Carl Wagner ‘Granite Factory Originals’ Cast Bronze Elk, Stag, or Deer Bell Figurine or Sculpture.
This is a limited edition Granite Factory Originals, Carl Wagner. Signed WAPITI on the top of the outside rim of the bell and C. Wagner 77 inside the bell’s base. 219 of 1000. Made of silicon bronze ( 95% copper, 4% silicone & 1% manganese ). Leg and hoof clapper. 5 1/2″ H.

There were some unauthorized reproductions (fakes) made of this particular bell, though they are not signed. Carl Wagner signed and numbered the wax figure for all of his bells, though sometimes he neglected to add the name of the particular bell.



A fabulous bronze desk bell in the form of a dog beautifully detailed with glass eyes. When the dog’s ears are depressed his mouth opens and the bell rings. This superb collectable bronze is in good working order and has a diameter of 12cm weighing 970g.



Sterling bell, Georg Jensen, Denmark, Parallel pattern.
This is quite a rare pattern, also known as Relief.
It was designed in 1931 by Oscar Gundlach-Pedersen, although this bell was made post-1945.
In very good condition.
Fully marked along the outside. Dimensions: 3″ tall, 1.75″ diameter. Weight: 85 gms.