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286a – heavy brass lady bell
0.7 kilo
5.7 inch tall
good used condition and working
a small nick out of the bottom rim. probably done in the making of it

This sand cast brass figurine lady bell is often called Madame du Pompadour.
It appears in the Pearson Page Jewsbury catalog, c. 1935, where it was sold for approximately $1.40.
This large size is common, but it may be found in smaller sizes, and has also been re-copied many times. Quality of casting detail can vary widely. This example appears attractive when viewed from the front, but various problems may be seen on the sides. Apparently the top and bottom molds did not align precisely, and there is remaining evidence of the parting line, and rough marks where it was filed and ground down. It will display nicely from a frontal position, and is certainly a bargain sale price.



286b – Victorian Brass Huge Lady Bell Innkeeper Maid Table Bell
A stunningly large Victorian brass lady bell with fantastically detailed modelling of a Victorian innkeeper or chamber maid. In great condition, but minus the clanger inside.
Measures: 17cm height, 7cm diameter
Weight 1.4kg.

Another brass figurine lady bell, and even larger than the one above. It is also sand cast, but has much superior workmanship, and much more care was taken in finishing the casting. It is another of the early Pearson Page bells, and was called The Cook in the 1925 catalog. It was one of the most expensive PP bells, sold for US$8.25 at the time, and is one of the least commonly found bells. I remember seeing only one other in the last 15 years.



286c – 19thC Hand Embroidered Leather & Brass Sleigh Bells, 8ft.
There are 23, 1-inch diameter brass bells surrounded by a hand embroidered decoration. This material used in the design is stiff and could take the winter weather. The buckle and 72 in long thin belt on the end is also in very good strong condition and there are no repairs.



286d – Italie, XVIIe siècle Clochette

à décor de chimères, de feuilles d’acanthe, de rinceaux et de deux bustes d’évêques en haut relief dans des médaillons en bronze doré; le manche en bois recouvert de velours
Haut. 17.5 cm.

decorated with chimeras, acanthus leaves, scrolls and two busts of bishops in high relief in gilded bronze medallions; the wooden handle covered with velvet
Height. 7 in.

Condition Report: Overall good condition with minor wear to the gilding and some oxidation to the bronze. The clapper inside the handbell is missing.

Estimate: 600 — 800 euros