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260a – Rare, encrier a pompe Bocquet avec sonnette en porcelaine de sevres et bronze
3 petits godets. Sonnerie en état de marche . Inscription sur le bronze:Encrier conservateur breveté Paris. Porcelaines à restaurer. Voir photos. 16,5 de hauteur. 14cm de diamètre.

Rare, an inkwell Bocquet pump with bell, Sevres porcelain and bronze
3 small cups for ink. Bell in working condition. Inscription on the bronze: Inkwell patented in Paris. Porcelain has been repaired/restored. See photos. 16.5 cm tall. 14 cm in diameter.



260b – klingel,,glocke,auktionsklingel,rezeptionsklingel,schelle,messing
erbstück,alte klingel aus messing, junge mit vermutlich tambourin und ein affe,der auf der klingel steht,
wenn man den affen dreht,ertönt die unter ihm liegende glocke,13 cm breit,14 cm hoch

jingle bell, bell,auction bell, reception bell, brass
heirloom, antique brass bell, boy with probably tambourine and a monkey standing on the bell,
if you turn the ape, the bell below it rings, 13 cm wide, 14 cm high

This appears to be a squeeze bell – squeeze the movable lever toward the fixed lever, and the bell rings. I would assume that the monkey was attached to the upper end of the vertical shaft that the movable lever rotates to ring the bell, so if you squeeze the levers the bell will ring and the monkey rotate. However, the seller says the bell is activated by turning the monkey, and does not mention the levers. Perhaps it has become disabled over time? A friend who collects these mechanical bells told me: “The mechanisms are very touchy. Of all the ones we have only one came to us in working condition. I have even had to manufacture tiny missing parts in two of them.”



260c – 19thC Bronze brass lady bell nude lady and devil mephisto faust
Very old bronze not brass lady bell made in the mid to late 19thC. The bell is a cast piece with great patina that only age can acquire. The bell has a subject matter of Faust ? Or specifically mephisto and the witch. The item may have been made for a London gentlemen’s club like the Hell fire club or even an occult group like the golden dawn with Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie etc? Just guessing but is an unusual piece and may have been used in rituals or simply summoning attention. The bell measures 6.75″ high, is very heavy for its size weighing 1228g.

It makes for a good story, as long as you don’t believe much of it. The bell is brass, not bronze as the seller claims, and was certainly not made in mid 19C. Casting details are not great, and there are better examples around. Commonly known as the St Christopher bell, apparently invoking the devil and Faust doubles the sale price.



260d – Antique GEORG JENSEN Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Dinner Bell
This auction is for an extremely rare Georg Jensen sterling silver dinner bell. This bell is about 3.5″ tall and weighs 77 grams. It is designed in a biomorphic Art Nouveau style with open work petals and a bud finial. This bell has developed a nice patina over the years and there are no dents, cracks, or repairs. The bell is marked 80, Denmark, the GI mark , Sterling , and 925. The GI mark was used from 1915-1930, but 925 silver was only used after 1927, so I believe this bell dates from 1927-1930, and was designed by Georg Jensen himself. I have been told that this bell is the Blossom pattern, but I have not been able to find another example anywhere online.
An expert in Georg Jensen silver just told me the bell is not the Blossom pattern, and that they had never seen this design before. I think it’s possible that it is a custom made or experimental piece.