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This is a superb male monk hooded figure of which:
During our research we have been informed it certainly dates from the mid 19th century.
Dates about c1860.
It was part of a recent clearance of a convent of which had many items of interest.
Probably of a German origin.
Underneath: incised numbers.
A superb monk figure portrayed with a tankard in his hands.
A bunch of keys hang off his waist band & cross.
Underneath a bell.
It has an overall height of about 11inches.
Base dia of about 4inches.
Condition: Considering the age, the overall condition is excellent with no major blemishes except:
due to age: areas of rubbing to a hand area.
has a chip under the rim of the hood to the front.

I am not sure I would date it as early as 1860. There are several chips, and the colors are not as vibrant as some I have seen, but with the low price and free shipping to USA it would have been a good buy.



259b – Vintage Sterling Silver Coin Handmade Native American Figural Man Indian Bell
Up for auction is this really neat rare vintage 1940’s sterling silver or coin silver Native American Navajo figural tribal man bell. It tests between sterling and coin with the 18k gold acid. It has been polished and is not marked. Really heavy as shown the weight in the pics. In great shape and very hard to find a piece of Native American work as a bell. Very well made with life like detail. Please use the pics for size and condition.

4″ x 2″.



259c – Quality Cast Vintage Brass Merry Monk Hand Bell ~ with Nodding Head
Vintage Novelty Brass Hand Bell ~ in the form of a Merry Monk ~ with bottle in one hand & cup in the other ~ and moveable nodding head.
Quality cast item ~ with beautifully fine detail.
Weighs quite heavy (approx 500grams) ~ and stands about 5.5 inches high (or 14cm).

The figure is Dom Perignon, of Champagne fame, and the bell is one of the old lost wax nodders, properly spaced and rigged as a nodder. Figures 5 and 7 show a comparison with one of the new Russian/Chinese knockoffs, which has a pivot pin, but the head is set too low and with too little clearance to ever move, and the bell does not even have a counterweight, but instead has a cheap lightweight standard type of clapper.

Reasonable or even low price for a hard to find bell like this.



259d – Antique Victorian Palais Royale Mother of Pearl Marble Ormolu Servants Bell
Antique French Mother of Pearl Gilt Ormolu Hotel or Servant Bell Napoleon III Period
This wonderful bell dates to the mid 19th Century, during the reign of Napoleon III. It is French in origin and is known as a hotel bell.
The piece is made from mother of pearl panels with ormolu bronze, and rests on a marble base.
On the very top of the bell rests an ormolu bird and just below, a wire to push and activate the clapper, causing the bell to sound. In between each mother of pearl panel are decorative bunches of grapes done in the bronze.
These old 19th century souvenirs and trinkets made of half-shells and ormolu were famously popular with Grand Tour travelers of the Victorian era, and while some think of them as a hotel bell, they were used to call servants, and also to signal next course service in the homes of those well-heeled and financially fortunate early tourists. The ones that survive today are rarely in excellent condition, with shells often damaged or base broken
This is a fine example, in very good condition, with only very slight fading of the guilt plating on the clapper arm, the rest of the piece is excellent for its age and in perfect working order with a lovely ring to the bell !
Measures :
4,3/4″ ( 12 cm ) Height
3″ ( 7.7 cm ) Base diameter

A lot of hyperbole in the description, but essentially correct.



Next week I shall show results of the eBay PITAKAT auctions.