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253a – Vintage Bronze Cat Lioness Thimble – Wagner
This limited edition vintage bronze cat/lioness thimble is by C. Wagner and is dated 1978. It’s in excellent condition, measures approximately 1″W x 1.25″H, is signed by the artist, and is number 685 out of 1000.

253b – Vintage Bronze BuffaloThimble – Wagner
This limited edition vintage bronze buffalo thimble is by C. Wagner and is dated 1978. It is in excellent condition, measures approximately 1″W x 1.5″H, is signed by the artist, and is number 255 out of 1000.

In addition to the bells and mugs that Carl Wagner made in the late 1970s, he also made a few thimbles. I have been told that there were four of them – Lion, Buffalo, Wolf, and Hound. More properly, the Buffalo should be called a Bison. Carl made two Bison bells (full figure in side profile and head), and a Hound Dog bell.

Bison (full), Bison (head), Hound Dog bells



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253c – Bronze Skulptur Figur Tischglocke Dame Biedermeier Handglocke Frau Messing
Zum Verkauf steht hier eine hochwertige Bronze Tischglocke.
Sehr detailliert und meisterhaft verarbeitet
Material: 100 % Bronze mit Echtheitsstempel
Gesamthöhe: 13,5 cm
Gewicht ca: 380 g
Größe ca: unterer Rockdurchmesser 5,5 cm,
Zustand: guter Zustand, altersbedingte Patina
Das Alter ist nicht bekannt.
Der Artikel wird gebraucht verkauft.

Bronze Sculpture Figure Biedermeier table bell lady hand bell brass woman
For sale here is a high quality bronze table bell
Processed very detailed and masterfully
Material: 100% Bronze with hallmark
Overall height: 13.5 cm
Approx weight: 380 g
Size Approx: lower skirt diameter 5.5 cm
Condition: good condition, age related patina
The age is not known.
The item is sold second hand.

This was Manfred’s June 2014 Bell of the Month. For more information, see:

This seller has listed this bell numerous times. His standard price is 45 euros, but sometimes, as in this case, he will list one at regular auction with a starting bid of 1 euro and list a second at the 45 euro Buy-It-Now price.

In either case, they are a good value for the money.



253d – Cloche / clochette de table ancienne en bronze
Très belle Cloche / clochette de table ancienne fin19em début 20em en bronze bien décorer (grappe de raisin edelweiss gerbe de blée faucille et fleur bien travaillée………Hauteur 12 cm

Antique table in bronze
Very beautiful antique table bell in bronze from the end of the 19th or beginning on the 20th century, well decorated (bunch of grapes, edelweiss flower group, sickle and wheat stalks, bell worked). Height 12 cm.

Exquisite bronze figural bell. Undoubtedly overlooked by many viewers because of the extremely dark pictures provided in the listing. Outstanding bargain for the sale price.



253e -antique victorian double sided 2 tone brass bronze reception bell desk bell
An unusual and possibly quite rare late Victorian brass double sided 2 one reception or desk bell measuring 5.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wide. The bell consists of a shaped brass frame with art nouveau style pad feet and supports and shaped handle to the top with a lower brass stretcher. To each side is a small circular hammer/clapper with small brass push button above, when the button is pushed, this operates the clapper to strike either bell. The actual bells are of a different colour to the brass and resemble that of gun or bell metal. Each bell has a different tone, one being higher pitched than the other so depending on which button you push, the tone will be different. The bells are secured via a small round headed brass screw which can be removed and therefore the bells can be removed for cleaning etc. There is an impressed registered number of 5476 making this quite early and dating to 1884/85. There is some tarnish in places and patination to the clappers and button shafts, slightly misshapen frame in places but nothing serious. No breaks or splits to the frame or bells and the bells have a lovely ring. A really unusual piece for display or use.

Unusual in that it is equipped with a double gong, as the single gong version is more common.


Of course if you prefer the single gong version, you could always have bought this one:


From the 1930’s a beautifully designed counter or desk top bell which has a brass base that sweeps up to curve over the bell.The bell orb is made from bell metal giving a better tone than a brass version, and it is equiped with the original clapper that is activated by pressing on the top button: It is in perfect condition and has a height of 4 1/2 inches.

Fewer call bells were being made in the 1930s, and it is rare to find one with Art Deco design.