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Very similar the the ARP (Air Raid Precaution) bells.
If the bell were marked FIDDIAN, then it would have been made by James Barwell.
The “crow’s foot” mark shows that it was made for the British War Department.
Had it been more properly identified, or had it been listed in England,
it probably would have sold at a higher price.



244b – Fine Victorian Brass Table Bell Classical Heads
A fine quality antique Victorian solid brass table bell. Decorated with a classical head roundel surrounded by a scrolling bird to each corner. A man’s head to one side and a women’s to the other. Complete with original brass clanger
Size 80mm across x 100mm high
Good condition

Fancy design in the shape of a cowbell, always well cast and high quality, probably from Germany.
At 4″ high, this is one of the larger ones, with others ranging down as small as 2″ high.
Bronze, sometimes with a silver plating.

“Classical Heads” is as good a name as any for this bell.
It is sometimes knows as “Teutonic Knight and Lady”, and occasionally,
for some inexplicable reason, called “Maximilian and Carlota.”

Very inexpensive for this bell.



244c – Brass Lady Bell Mary Queen Of Scots. Very Rare
Solid and very heavy brass bell. Rare item for sale. 7″ tall x 3″ wide. Listed in the American bell founders web site. Mary Queen of Scots. Original clapper which are in the shape of her legs. Very very heavy at over 1.2kg

Another MQS by Pearson Page, first version with pointy chin.
We have seen enough of these to know that “rare” is a stretch,
but either or both versions is well worth having, especially in this price range.



244d – Antique 1870? Silverplate Hotel Lobby? Dinner? Service Desk Bell. Islam Muslim
VERY nice but I really know very little about the history. It shows its age a wee bit but nothing I would call damage. It is silver plated and polished quite nice to a mirror like finish but can use a bit of detailing. I do not know where made but the mans hat Islam cresent moon and it has a tassle in the back. It shows use by small dings on the bell. Supporting the bell underneath is a foreign penny like coin dated 1870. I have no idea if 1870 has anything to do with about the era the bell was made. The hammer is not original but looks right and works GREAT. 7 1/2″ h. the bell is 3 3/4″ w.

And now the big boys came out to play.