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240a – three bells two gentlemen one lady same casting of characters
selling these three bells together made by peerage London cast…all at different dates one is john bull the other two are not known by me the old lady maybe ….old mother shipton…the other man just not sure, dated from 1900….to discontinued around 1930 so old and in good condition two have peerage clappers one as a clapper don’t think it is a original peerage collectors bells for sure selling together…weighty brass as you would expect for these bells 4 1/2 ” in height

These bells represent various Charles Dickens figures. The center bell may have been made as early as the 1920s. Any bell made by Peerage was after WW2.



Height 2.5″.

Souvenir item from the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition. Fairs and Expositions were very popular in that era, and this same bell was relabeled with location and date as souvenirs of each event.



240c – Vintage KB MURANO Venetian MILLEFIORI Glass CLOWN Bell
Approx. 6 1/2” tall x 3 1/4” diameter.
Total weight: approx. 10 ounces.
Vintage art glass bell.
Hand blown glass. Millefiori bell with applied handle in the form of a clown head. All original. Very high quality.
Marks: foil label “MADE in MURANO ITALY”; foil label “An Original Creation by KB, Made in Italy”.
Circa 1960s I believe. Italy.
This bell is in excellent, all original condition with no damages and no significant wear. No restorations.
No nicks, flakes, dings, chips, cracks, breaks, losses, scratches. No loss to the hair tips. No signs of use.
Very clean as found.
Displays beautifully.



240d – Belle cloche Brass bell bronze ou laiton : le moine – rare
hauteur 13,5 cm, poids 403 gr, avec battant d’origine
Très bon état

Brass or bronze bell of a monk – rare
height 13.5 cm, weight 403 gr, with original clapper
Very good condition

Unusual design, not often encountered.



240e – Vintage Brass/ Bronze Lady Bell Nodding Head – 5″
This very interesting Vintage Brass/Bronze Lady Bell is in very good condition with original clacker. Her head nods when moved. This heavy well moulded bell at one time must have been silver plated as there are signs of it still remaining, also the inside and clacker are still plated as can be seen in photo 8. This all adds to it’s charm. The long dress is well patterned and she is wearing a shawl and mob cap type bonnet. The figure stands approx. 5 ” high. It appears something is missing from her right hand but not too noticable.

One of the old nodders. She should be holding a broom in her right hand. This bell is found either as plain bronze or silver plated. I looks like this current item was once plated, but the exterior silver has been worn away.

For more information as to what she is doing, see Part 2 of viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4496

Other examples of this bell.