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le manche represente une patte d’oiseau modéle peu courant
hauteur 15.cm diametre 8.cm a nettoyé

handle represents an unusual bird’s foot model
height 15 cm, diameter 8 cm, needs to be cleaned

Usually known as the Mailed Fist Hemony.



230b – bronze bell depicting the mark of ‘william the bad of sicily’ of 800 years ago
this item is a really unusual ‘bizantine’ bronze bell.
it seems to have the marks for king william the bad of the 12 th century WR.
i have no idea of the age of this item.
it has age, but how much i really do not know.
it has a stone inside the bell that clangs when the bell is jiggled.
probably very collectible, but as far as i go, i don’t have any more information on this item at all.

Possibly there is a “William the Bad” collector out there who got very excited by this listing.
We bell collectors recognize it as a crotal by Robert Wells, in one of the larger sizes.



230c – Musical Handbell for campanology enthusiast ~ hand bell cap marked ‘MEARS’
Musical hand bell ~ nice condition and obviously subjected to modest recent restoration ~ leather handle and circular cap in good condition, the latter being impressed with the word ‘MEARS’ ~ I am not able to verify if the large ‘A’ impressed in the handle is meant to refer to the note / sound ~ beautifully clear ring though. Discovered included in a box of metalware purchased at a local auction ~ I am advised that this musical handbell will be of important interest to a campanologist.

Although Whitechapel Bell Foundry is known as the oldest continual business in Britain, dating back to 1570 (reign of QE1), the name “Whitechapel” only goes back to the date of incorporation in 1968. Immediately prior to that it was known as Meers and Stainbank, and had other names in the past, depending on the current owner of the time.



230d – Vintage brass lady bell old Oast House Brewery Hops Building 3.25″
Cast brass l bell complete with clapper. Overall size is approximately 8 cm X 4.5 cm diameter.

An oast, oast house or hop kiln is a building designed for kilning (drying) hops as part of the brewing process. The oldest surviving dates back to around 1750.

For more information, see the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oast_house

These bells are uncommon, but this seems a rather high price for a small and poorly cast brass bell.



230e – Encrier sonnette de Justin Giraud, Vermouths, Turin, Crucifix, Chambery Dolin
Comme visible sur les photos
il est dans un état très satisfaisant,
Longueur: 15 cm,
largeur: 11 cm,
hauteur: 7 cm,
pour un poids de: 428 grammes

Inkstand bell Justin Giraud, Vermouth, Turin, Crucifix, Dolin Chambery
As seen in the pictures
it is in a very satisfactory condition,
Length: 15 cm,
width: 11 cm,
Height: 7 cm
a weight of 428 grams

We saw an item by this same maker in Part 228d.
That was the more familiar mustard pot, while this is an inkwell with advertising.