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221a – Antique Large Brass Enamel Painted Crinoline Lady Table Service or Invalid Bell
An Antique Large Brass Enamel Painted Crinoline Lady Table Service or Invalid Bell with clapper intact & working.
Very Good – We would remind bidders that this item is pre-owned & used with associated surface wear to enamel – as shown above.
Size (approx’) 14.5cm x 10cm x 6.5cm

Nice older painted lady bell, not one of the modern versions with garish colors.

Very reasonable price even without the paint, and a good bargain as is.



221b – Unusual Antique English EPNS Anthropomorphic Hand Bell Weird Quirky Spooky
A really unusual small hand bell in the form of an anthropomorphic insect man.
Stamped E.P.N.S. (but most of the plate has rubbed off.)
In good condition except for dent to top of head, complete with clapper and rings well.
Size 8cms. tall.
Date: Circa 1890.

Looks a little like E.T., but much older.



221c – Antique Old Sterling Silver Service Dinner Bell Bird Dove Marked 925 MEK
Here if a wonderful old Sterling Sliver Dinner or Butlers Bell marked 925 MEK. This bell weighs 104.7 Grams and measures approx 3 inches high and 2 1/4 inches in diameter across the bell. All original condition with a beautiful Dove finial on top.



221d – Schweppes 1925 Bronze/Brass Lady Bell
Bronze or Brass Lady Bell,
she stands 10 cm and 6 cm across base,( legs/boots are 5 cm long)
Engraved to front > SCHWEPPES BEE 1925
VERY Rare item.

I have no idea what SCHWEPPES BEE refers to, though presumably Schweppes Bottling Co.
The bell itself is one of the fairly common Pearson Page brass Queen Elizabeth lady bells.
The lettering was cast, not stamped or engraved, so it must have been a special contract item.