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Pitakat Auction
Another bell auction from our friends in Canada, the last of several with bells
from the estate of a longtime ABA and Ontario Chapter member.

I will highlight four bells from the first part of the auction.

All the bells may be seen at the following link for about two weeks, beginning Monday 3 Mar 2014.


218a – Vintage Royal Bayreuth “Little Miss Muffet” porcelain tea call bell (pitakat)
Extremely bright painting. One of several children’s nursery rhymes made as Royal Bayreuth bells, this one depicting Little Miss Muffet and the spider. See McCaslin’s “Royal Bayreuth”, pg. 40, for others in the series. Original clapper. Plain green back. No maker’s mark, but is definitely Royal Bayreuth.
Good condition. 3-1/4″ high x 2-5/8″ diam. (approx.) Shipping weight = 500g.



218b – Pewter? cooking pot over fire twist mechanical bell- marble base (pitakat)
Bell is iron. Pot and base not attracted to a magnet. No maker’s marks. Original paper on the marble base. Works well. Good condition. 3-3/4″ high x 3-1/2″ diam. marble base(approx.) Shipping weight = 1Kg.



218c – Pewter? cats and base- iron twist table desk call bell (pitakat)
Bell is iron. Cats and base not attracted to a magnet. No maker’s marks.
Good condition with an unnoticeable MINOR SPLIT IN THE BASE UNDER THE CAT.
3-1/4″ high x 4-5/8″ long (approx.) Shipping weight = 1Kg.



218d – Gilded bronze figural bell w Aesop’s fable “The Wolf & the Crane” handle (p-kat)
The handle depicts a crane with its beak down a wolf’s throat. According to the fable a wolf had been gorging on an animal, when a small bone stuck in his throat and he could not swallow it. The crane agreed to try to remove it, and told the wolf open his jaws as wide as he could. Then the Crane put its long beak down the wolf’s throat, and with its beak loosened the bone and got the bone out. Other fable creatures adorn the base- three animals heads in very high relief, a sheep, a wolf or fox and a cat-like animal possibly a lynx. Underneath each of those are cartouches of a standing fox wearing a cape & hat, a crane and a jumping fox. These were very difficult to photograph, so you have to look carefully at the photos. Highly detailed. Very distinct clapper ring inside the base. Great sound. We don’t know the significance of the 1148 stamped inside the rim of the base.
Good condition but with much of the gilding worn away and the rim of the base is slightly distorted from age and use. 5-1/2″ high x 2-7/8″ diam. (approx.) Shipping weight = 1Kg.

Same bell is on the cover of Dorothy Anthony’s World of Bells #5.