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Three more top quality bells, two now listed on French and one on British eBay.
Take a guess on asking price, then check the links.

(Note: I have no financial interest in the sale of these bells,
but thought others might like to be aware of them.)

Combination desk bell and inkwell. I have never seen another like it. My rough translation:

The Trickster
Desktop bell
rare object on the theme of magic
bronze with double patina
(brown and gilt)
Beautiful object is a wizard (conjurer, illusionist), on the table are placed three cups a die and an egg cup
the center cup is surmounted by a figure (John Vine), if the figure is pressed the doorbell rings
the wizard’s hat lifts in order to hold ink … he holds in his hand a magic wand
the bass drum and the trunk near the feet of the magician act as boxes for pen points or other objects
chasing high quality
base decorated with stones, adorned with gilded bronze feet
the trumpet serves as a seal stamp, positioned at a specific spot on the base
functional (the bell rings)
very good condition
circa 1870
190 x 150 x 235 mm (7.6 x 6.0 x 9.4 in)

30 day Buy-It-Now listing has expired, no takers:


SONNETTE DE COMPTOIR Fleur en Bronze Hotel Bell Cloche
Another desk or hotel bell. (For those of us on a more modest budget.)

Exceptional “COUNTER BELL” Bronze on marble base, Napoleon III (c. 1870). The bell is equipped with a dual mechanism up and down, operated by turning the small button-shaped flowers above, double ring … Perfect condition for use and operation. Height 14.5 cm (5.8 in).

Listing has expired with no offers at the opening bid level.



Figurine lady bell made of .875 silver (85 mm, 3.4 in), with maker’s marks as is standard with high silver content bells. The seller dates this bell as of 18C Dutch manufacture. Notice the protrusion in the rear of the skirt in the second photo. This bell is sometimes found with the torso reversed and the protrusion to the front. I have no idea if one might be considered the “correct” representation. Both robfromcanada and I have an example of each, though they bear 19C German maker’s marks. It would seem that these bells were made by different silversmiths, but all are constructed by the lost wax method to the highest standards.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, …
I would not have been surprised to see this bell sell in the $300-400 range.
The actual sale price may surprise you – the result of two determined, but inexperienced, bidders going head to head. My guess is that they are silver, not bell, collectors. Since the listing has expired, I can see no possible objection to posting the results as a matter of historical record: