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195g – 1997 John McCombie Cold Painted Bronze Swan Bell Corn Cob Clanger #82 of 100
Up for auction is a 1997 signed and numbered, John McCombie, Bronze Sculpted Bell of a Swan’s Neck and Head, with cold painted details. This bell measures; 8-1/2″ tall x 3-1/8″ across the bottom. This bell has the corn cob clanger and the inside of the bell is signed by John McCombie and it’s numbered #82/100. It does have paint flaking but other than that, it’s in nice condition-no dings. This came from a recent estate of a Bell Society Collector.

Terrific bargain, should have sold much higher, perhaps the flaking paint discouraged some buyers.



Sonnette de table à deux tons en bronze et marbre noir au Pierrot.
Dimensions: hauteur 19 cm, diamètre à la base 11.5 cm
Epoque: XIXe siècle.
Etat: quelques usures ici et là, en particulier sur le décor peint au vernis sur les cloches
il est nécessaire de tenir la bague centrale quand on fait tourner le pierrot pour obtenir 2 sonneries différentes, sinon la sonnette tourne dans le vide
l’axe semble avoir pris un choc, les deux marteaux fonctionnent
quelques éclats en bordure du socle en marbre
merci de ne pas tenir compte des reflets dûs à la prise de vue
regardez nos photos.

Table bell, two tone, bronze and black marble Pierrot.
Dimensions: height 19 cm (7.1 in), base diameter 11.5 cm (4.6 in)
Era: nineteenth century.
Condition: some wear here and there, especially on the painted decoration varnish on bells
it is necessary hold the central ring when Pierrot is rotated for two different tones, otherwise the bell turns on the central axis , both hammers work
some chips on the edge of the marble base
please ignore reflections due to shooting
look at our photos.
Professional neat package.

Note there is an upper and a lower bell, apparently with different tones,
and a striker mechanism for each bell.



195i – 1996 John McCombie Bronze Ground Hog On Tree Stump Bell Cowboy Boot Clanger
Up for auction is a signed and numbered, John McCombie, Bronze Sculpted Bell of a Ground Hog seated upon a tree stump. This guy looks like he’s about to pick his teeth with a stick. This bell measures; 6″ tall x 3-1/8″ across the bottom. This bell has the cowboy boot clanger and the inside of the bell is signed by John McCombie and it’s numbered #29/150. It’s in nice condition. This came from a recent estate of a Bell Society Collector.



195j – vintage brass lady bell 4″ Flemish style
Very good condition and complete with clapper
Overall size is approximately 11 long X 5.5 cm wide.

About triple its true value, in my opinion.



195k -Antique Edwardian Religious Christmas Bell & Tray
Antique Edwardian holiday bell having pierced gallery & religious imagery with portraits cast in relief.
The bell resting upon it’s original tray of like design.
Condition: Very good.



195l – RARE 19th C. Bronze Dinner Bell Absinthe Advertising Devil w/Corkscrew on Bottle
A very rare 19th Century cast bronze dinner bell in the form of a slender devil gleefully twisting a corkscrew to open a bottle that bears an engraved advertisement for absinthe on the front. This unique bronze piece is skillfully rendered – the devil’s lean figure poised in action, his face displaying a wicked grin as he works to unleash the famed green alcohol. The bell has a beautifully rich dark patina overall.

Absinthe, a potent herbal liquor, reached its greatest popularity “…as an alcoholic drink in late 19th- and early 20th-century France, particularly among Parisian artists and writers,” and was depicted in paintings by Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, Jean Francois Raffaelli, and Pablo Picasso among others. Referred to as “the Green Fairy” for the visions and effects that absinthe drinkers were alleged to experience, absinthe was sometimes also called “the Green Devil.” The latter was capitalized upon by renowned illustrator Leonetto Cappiello in his advertising poster for Maurin Quina – one of several French companies that sold herbal-based alcoholic “appertifs” (see the poster shown below in the final photograph).

While possible that the inspiration for this figure was the Green Devil of absinthe, it may have been created as a flippant response to sentiments that alcohol in general was provided to man by Satan. Whether an absinthe company commissioned the casting of this evocative dinner bell as a canny advertising item, or more probably saw the chance to engrave the name of their spirit on a strikingly apt figure of the time, remains unknown.

This piece is in splendid condition for its age with no breaks or repairs, just normal signs of wear and use; while it is missing a clapper inside that is something one can easily attach. The bell measures 5-1/4″ tall and it is 1-7/8″ across the base.

Seems to have a large number of dings, dents, and gouges in the base.
None of these are present among better examples of this bell.