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189a – Brass Bell/Ladybell – Rare Pixie astride mushroom
Rare Brass bell with a registration mark – 791026
A Pixie astride a mushroom
3.5 Inches tall
Complete with a clanger of another pixie (probably a replacement)
Weighs approx 200 grams

Brass bell, with British Registration Mark that points to 1934.



189b – Rare Antique OWL desk bell, glass eyes
Approx 8cm high
The bell works by pressing the beak
& has a fantastic ring to it
lovely glass eyes
condition is good but there are two splits to the sides as shown
has a lovely patina.

Most common of the celluloid mechanical bells, but difficult to locate. Splits near base are common.
Flat head screws and square nuts are relatively old, but I doubt they are original.
Seller does not mention what looks to be a hole beneath the ear.



189c – TIFFANY & CO STERLING SILVER BELL 1930 2.87 TROY OZ 57.3pw Bedside Dinner Marked
TIFFANY & CO STERLING SILVER BELL 1930 2.87 TROY OZ 57.3 pw. Use this as a Bedside Call Bell or Dinner Service Bell. Or add it to your antique bell or Tiffany Sterling Silver collection. Hallmarked on the inner rim of the bottom of the bell with a stamp that reads: “TIFFANY & CO 20876 MAKERS 5002 STERLING 925-100 m” The monogram on the front appears to be MB, and under that the year 1930 is engraved. It weighs just under 3 ounces (90 grams) and measures 2 1/2″ tall x 2 1/8″ wide in diameter across the base of the bell.