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182d – 1977 Carl Wagner Cast Bronze GOAT HEAD Bell 172/1000
Named “Der Bock”, the bell measures 5 3/4″ tall X 7 1/2″ wide and weighs 3 pounds, 7 ounces.

Master metalcrafter Carl Wagner (1938-2011) made a series of bronze table bells with animal figures from 1976 – 1980. He then turned his attention to larger bronze figures.

There are 18 bells that entered into production, and some prototypes which were never released for sale. The bells are heavy bronze, most are about 6″ high.

The bells were cast in batches as orders were received, so it is not known exactly how many of each bell was actually made. Most of the sales were made through National Park store gift shops, and few were originally directed towards the bell collecting community or retail outlet stores.

Always interesting to see what I had written in Bell Talk quoted (without attribution to ABA) in a seller’s description. Pictures are good quality and worth seeing.

Fairly standard price.