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181d – RARE! 19thC Antique Victorian Painted Cast Iron Rocking Eagle Counter Desk Bell
Figural Cast Iron Eagle Rocking Counter Bell. Measuring 5” long by 3 ¼” tall and 2” wide, this 19thC Cast Iron Bell would originally have sat on a counter, or desk. By pushing down on the front of the rocker, it would move back & forth and the brass bell, which is attached underneath the Eagle’s beak, would ring. This bell still works perfectly. There are no breaks or any restorations to the cast iron however, after looking closely at the painted surface we beleive it is a very old re-paint. There are no other problems, or any restorations to this 19th century Eagle Rocking Counter Bell.

Unusual design, but very simple mechanism to activate a desk bell, with essentially no moving parts and nothing to wear or break.



181e – Antique Vintage Bermuda Buggy Carriage Bell
Great vintage horse carriage bell. It is silver in color.
The top portion has the words: Phoenix Brand registered no 707 with additional numbers.
Four mount screws. two are missing the small washers.
There is also a chain connecting the plunger to the ring.
It bings when you hit the top plunge.
It measures 7 inches high approx. 5 1/2 inches wide.
Minor fine scratches, no rust or otherwise damage.

Early model, probably c.1900-1920, because of the detailed and cast top plate.

The seller states: if you hit the plunger the bell goes “bong” once
It may need some repair, since one bell should ring on the down stroke, and the other on the up stroke,
for a two tone bing-bong sound.



181f – Bronze DEVIL dinner bell, devil on bottle with corkscrew
Amazing bronze dinner bell depicting a Devil. The dinner bell is in shape of a bottle.
The Devil is standing on the bottle holding on to a corkscrew.
I’m sure he is in the middle of opening the bottle to enjoy a drink.
The bronze figure has wonderful detail. The color of the figure is a little lighter than the bottle.
The piece is approx. 5 1/2″ tall.
As far as I know this piece was made in Switzerland late 1800 and is very rare.

I don’t know where he got the information that this bell was made in Switzerland.
An item like this often has crossover interest from several types of collectors.
There are several versions of this bell. This is a relatively low grade example,
but the better made ones usually sell for a higher price.