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157c – German export sterling knight w banner & shield table bell- Berthhold Müller
We suspect that this bell was first made in Germany (BM- silversmith Berthhold Müller) with one set of hallmarks (bottom of the rim) and then exported where it acquired a second set of import hallmarks (outside the rim) for the United Kingdom in 1905 (script E date mark). See ABA’s “Bell Talk, Small Bells, So What is this worth?” pg. 3, part 31a-2 for a very similar bell in terrible condition and missing its banner.
Good condition- no damage. 5″ high x 2-1/2″ diam. (approx.) Weight of bell = 113g or 3.6oz. TROY. Shipping weight = 500g.

As mentioned in the listing, see Part 31a-2 above for a discussion of this bell.



157d – ELKINGTON gilded bronze BOY PLAYING TAMBOURINE desk/table bell
Probably close to 100 years old. Oval medallion inside the base reads, “ART COLD BRONZE ELKINGTONS REGISTERED”. We don’t know the significance of a “ over 129″ inside the rim. Excellent detail and patina. It looks like the figure was originally gilded but outside the bell base was not. Most of the gilding is still present inside the base. This is the very best copy of this bell of the many we have seen over the years.
Good condition with most of gilding having been worn off the figure. Tambourine is bent backward slightly. 6-1/2″ high x 3-1/4″ diam. (approx.) Shipping weight = 1Kg.

The design may date from the Renaissance, and there is an early bronze version of this bell in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art collection (not on display). Several different handles were used on this base. The bell has been copied and recopied many times, and most found today are of much lower grade than this particular bell.



157e – 1888 detailed silver-plated bronze GORHAM desk table bell- well marked
Chinese figure leaning on a staff is the handle. Three turtles swimming in waves surround the base. Great detail. Plating still excellent. Marked with the Gorham anchor and 046 on the rim. Appears in the 1888 Gorham catalogue. See Springer’s “The Collector’s Book of Bells”, pg. 132.
Good condition- no damage. 5″ high x 2-1/2″ diam. (approx.) Shipping weight = 1Kg.

The base appears to be a three-panel repeat, yet perhaps not entirely repetitious. Note the high relief of the turtle on the right edge of the bell in Pic 1.