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132c – Antique Ornate Brass and wood Hand Bell
Beautiful Victorian? Brass and wood Hand Bell.
The bell is decorated with Cherubs, animals and flowers.
The handle is made of wood the top is slightly rough but
otherwise in great condition. The bell measures approx. 8″ x 3″.
Collectable item very unusual. Weight 450 grams.

Unusual to find a wooden handle for a bell like this. It could be original
or it could be a replacement for a brass figural or balluster handle.



132d – Antique Solid Silver Table Bell With MOP Handle Chester 1903
Item Description: A good quality antique solid silver table bell, with a hand carved mother of pearl handle.
Hallmarked: Chester 1903.
Maker: Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings.
Silver Quality: 925 Sterling Silver.
Initial engravings / Monograms: None.
Height: 10.4 cms.
Weight: 92 Grams.
Condition: This silver table bell is in very good condition.



132e – 1900s Brass and Crystal Bell: Joan of Arc
Here this fine and rare French table bell, made from purple crystal, mounted of a fine Brass chased handle, figural a Fleur de Lys, emblem of French Royalty, on which is applied a little figure of Joan of Arc riding, dressed as a warrior. Condition is excellent, flawless, piece is complete, bronze and brass needs to be cleaned. French working, dating from late 19thc or 1900s first years, antique item….

Another of the flint glass bells with a plain ball clapper.