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117a – WW2 ARP ‘Fiddian’ Brass Hand Bell – dated 1939- Excellent condition
You are bidding for this WW2 ARP Hand bell.
The bell is marked J B 39, (1939) was the trademark used by James Barwell Ltd. on brass goods. Samuel Fiddian sold his business to James Barwell in 1840. The bell is in excellent condition with no cracks, completely original.
According to Air Raid Precaution Handbook No.8, The Duties of Air Raid Wardens:
“The cancellation of the local gas warning will be by hand bells, rung through the streets of the [warden’s] sector. Hand bells may also be used to repeat the Raiders Passed signal but only if gas is not about. Hand bells will in fact be an “All Clear” signal, which is different from the Raiders Passed signal, since the latter will be sounded on receipt of the message from the national centre, whether or not there is gas in the locality.”

Another of the A.R.P. bells from James Barwell, with the “Fiddian” mark. They were also made by Gillett & Johnston, and other manufacturers. Dimensions are not given, but these were all made to a common standard of bell diameter 5″ and bell height 3.5″. The handle may vary slightly between maker, but are commonly about 6″. Most are marked A.R.P. on the rim, but some may have it on the flat top of the bell.

Any metal bell collector should have one of these. They are easiest to find on British eBay, and normally sell
in the $50 – $75 range. These are fully functional and intended for actual use, not to sit in a display cabinet.
I know of one in daily use in St Louis MO.



117b – Cast Iron Base Pig Service Bell = Vintage almost Antique! TOO Cute!
Old Old Service Bell in Perfect Working Condition.
This is the twist/turn type of bell.
Cast Iron Base with Cute Little Pig – Check out the Pictures!
Needs a good cleaning but I’ll leave that up to the buyer!
Base measures 4.5″ x 2.5″ and this is 2″ tall to the top of the Pig’s Ears.

This bell was probably made in late 19C, which would qualify it as antique.

Cosmetic condition is fairly rough, and is sold below average for one of this style.
Mechanical condition is unknown, but properly cleaned and painted it should display nicely.



117c – Antique silver stirrup cup or bell ??
This is an unusual continental silver bell or cup. There aren’t any internal fixings for a bell so maybe cup is more likely? The figure is 11cm (4.4in) high and 6.8cm (2.8in) across the base. The interior shows quite a lot of gilding remaining so again maybe a sign of a stirrup cup?
Sponsors mark is G.B. I think though the B could be an F or E. Then it looks like a scottish thistle, .925 and date letter G in modernish looking curly type.
The face and bodice are really nicely modelled with an overall matt finish among the scroll and mask decorated bell shaped ‘dress’.