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Carolyn Whitlock

A few years ago, I saw a complete set of these bells for sale in an antique shop in Las Vegas with a price on them of $1,200, which averages $200.00 each. A year later, I went back and they were still there with the price marked down to $700, which averages $116.67 each. In August 2008, I bought a set of them on ebay for $191.38, which averages $31.95 each. They were too good a buy to pass up! It was one of those purchases that compensates for the bells I’ve bought and paid too much for!

Your grandmother did you a real favor by keeping the paperwork with the bells. That booklet about “Six Women Who Changed the Course of History” gives all the information about the bells and the women honored in the series. Alan has filled you in on the rest. I agree with him. This set of bells should be saved as a part of your family memorabilia. Not everyone can say they have something that belonged to their grandmother. But then, I’m a big sap for family history. I just love to hold something in my hand and say to myself, “This was touched by my great-grandmother!”

I suspect many people have some of the bells in this series but not so many have a complete set. My recommendation would be to polish them up, then go to a store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy some bags made of silver cloth. Wrap the bells in the silver cloth and pack them away in a dry place. They will keep their shine for a long time and will look lovely when the right time comes for you to take them out, hold them in your hand, and say to yourself, “Grandma wanted me to have these.”

Cherish them,