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Thank you for your reply. It holds a magnet, so I am confident it is cast iron. It appears to be cast iron in every way.

I still am unable to get any pictures posted on this forum. I don’t know what is wrong. Every time I try to post a picture it gives an error message, printed in red front, and placed just above the subject line of the forum entry form, that “It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image.” This occurs regardless of the size of the source image. I have been trying to insert these images via photobucket.com, following the instructions provided on this site. Everything works right up until I hit “preview”. I. E., the IMG code appears to be copied over and inserted properly into the forum message, but it will not create the picture. If I try to submit it with just the code showing in the message, the message will not post to the forum.

I have sent a message to the administrator about this asking for her help — but have just done so recently and she hasn’t been able to respond as of this writing.

Do you have a place where I could send you the images directly?