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I have one of the !/4 scale bells that Betty Taylor had made. I believe she told me they were made by a retired foundry employee of the PRR. The bell has the low mount style bracket used on the PRR K4 and other locomotives. The 1/4 scale Giesler reproduction bell has the higher boiler mount and was modeled after those used on the older PRR steam locomotives. The Giesler prices in 1980 were $125 for 1/4 size, $375 for 1/2 size, $695 for 3/4 size and $1095 for full size. He had them all on display at the Rough & Tumble steam tractor show in Kinzer, Pa. in the late 1970s. They are beautiful reproductions and marked with Giesler and a serial number as you see on your bell.
I never bought one because I had an original full size PRR bell of the same style with the two rope pulls which I found at an antique shop near Lancaster, Pa. in 1960 for $125.