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Larissa wants us to know:

The opening of our exhibition took place on April 27. It was a great success! I am starting writing a big article with lots of pictures about it for the Bell Tower. I have a very long list of links about the event. They all are in Russian, so I don’t think it makes sense to give them to the Forum. But I have a link of a piece of a news program from one of Russian central TV channels. It also is in Russian, but there, among other people, they showed me and my husband and some bells, of course!


Bye, Larissa

This website appears to be an overview of stories that were in the Russian news that day. The video is at the beginning of the article. I have put the text of the article into the Google translator and am posting it below. The translation isn’t perfect, of course, but will give you an idea of what was written. Enjoy!

Admin (Carolyn)

Russian to English translation

In Moscow, opened the first in the history of modern Russia Exhibition bells
Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 17:30

The oldest exhibits date from the IX century BC, the youngest – born right before the eyes of visitors here can be found “by Alexander” in the company with “Catherine the Great” and “Mary Stuart”

Today in Moscow, opened the first in the history of modern Russia Exhibition bells. The oldest exhibits date from the IX century BC, the youngest – born right before the eyes of visitors.

And Lyudmila A. – bells like her: Russian women, good, rosy.

– Oh yes! Here such here. Courage or something. Vypendrezh such.

Up to 50 years – Lyudmila – was working at SRI. Engineer-geologist. And did not even know what an artist. And in the 50 – to be left without money, without work. And suddenly – to discover something. The ability to see or something, special.

Ludmila Sergeeva, Artist:
– This amulet, generally speaking. It is believed that she was this broom sweeps away all the bad. And the sound – even children are advised to listen to …

And this sound is unlikely to become a long listen. Make everything that he quickly stopped. That is – you open the door. It’s – Mexican doorbell.

And in these Spanish bluebells – Ladram – call – very rare. Already hurt road. Do not hurt what could have been …

Irina Solovieva, Deputy Director of the folk art:
– So, how do they – does no one else. Moreover, they create a bell, and more will never repeat. The bells they made of the finest porcelain. Plastic and sculpture is that you just do not understand how it is done.

And now – note: for our viewers still sounds doroguschy bells …

Larissa and Art Frantseki – an international family. Art – American. Both – in love with the bells, bells, and bells. Traveling around the world, and their vopominaniya and impressions – stores a collection of bells. Through their art love Russian literature.

Larissa and Art Frantseki, collectors:
– Yesenin!
– He is here, Yesenin imbued! Bell now – with a portrait of Comedy.
– Tolstoy on Jasna Polana.

Larissa and Art are looking at an author’s bells Russian masters. They say the average price – 15 thousand rubles bites. That’s “Alexander” – our all – also became a bell author’s work. A company of the poet – the bell “Catherine the Great” and “Mary Stuart”. Come and see for yourself – just do not tell.