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Holly Barnes

Hi Peter,

Have not conversed with you for a very long while!
Do you suppose there were any horses on board these ships?
The bell you show in your picture looks very close to some sleigh bells I have seen in graduating sizes. I think I have a couple smaller ones.The etching on the bottom of the bell is just like the one I have, except the one I have is a number 10. I have a smaller one too.I have seen them on leather straps the largest in the middle decreasing in size to both directions. The Largest one I have ever seen was about 3-4 inches across.
I looked up sleighbells in my “Collectors Book of Bells” by Elsinore Springer It says that these types of bells were made in the U.S. in the 1700’s. It also says that they were made two ways. Originally they were made in two parts and welded together until a man by the name of William Barton Got an idea to cast them in one piece around a pellet (clanger) in a ball of sand which would later be sifted out.
I am not sure I helped much but maybe gave a little insight. Whhy they would be on a military boat inthe 1800’s I am not sure.
Good luck with your search.
Holly Barnes