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Peter Hyde

[attachment=2:27kmx6b4]100_1334-1.jpg[/attachment:27kmx6b4]More about this bell from the finder:

There were two ships wrecked at this spot on the same night in 1807, near what is now known as Seapoint, here in Dublin Bay. They got into trouble in a storm and crashed into the rocks with a loss of over 400 lives, mostly British troops in transit. These were the Rochdale and the Prince of Wales. Very close to where I found the bell there is a plaque commemorating this event.

As I found the bell at low tide, in a spot that is not very accessible to the general public, it may have gone unnoticed for a substantial period of time. It is true that there is no evidence of colonization by sea organisms on its surface, but it may well have been buried in the sand and only exposed more recently. The iron clasp is also quite corroded, though maybe not enough to suggest that it was in the water for over 200 years.

It is not a spot where a cart would likely have ever travelled. However, I have now discovered that Dublin city used to have what were known as ‘Bellmen’ who travelled around with carts selling their wares. I should imagine that a bell like this would have been ideal for such a business.

Any more thoughts anyone?