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Carolyn Whitlock

Dear Chris,

The ABA’s bi-monthly magazine, The Bell Tower, has a wonderful article in it written by Bill Martin entitled “Creations in Bronze: A Collection of Huddy Bells”. It is a 14 page article with 59 pictures in it! You can get a copy of the article for the cost of copying plus postage. If you click on “Main Site” at the top of this page and then click on “Bell Tower Directory” at the bottom of the left column, it will take you to the directions for how to order a copy. You will find the information about this article at the top of page 22.

Your bell is pictured in Figure 17. It is listed under the “African Series” bells and is simply referred to as “Dancer.”

Since I don’t have any Huddy bells, I can’t give you a clue as to the value of this bell. But, Huddy bells are considered to be higher-end collectibles. We often say that the value of a bell is whatever someone is willing to pay for it on any given day. I know that is of no particular help to you, however!

Good luck!