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What are the dimensions of the bell? From that you should be able to calculate out the metal content (gold is very heavy!) Or simply take it to a local jeweler, I would think that they should be able to confirm the metal type.

I was looking at the book “collectable bells” by “Donna S Baker”. The bell that most closely matches yours in the book is a 19th century (Yep that’s the 1800’s!) figure bell that she attributes to being either of Marry, queen of scots or Queen Victoria. Apparently there is some confusion there. The design is remarkably similar to yours, except the dress front is slightly different in it’s pattern.

No magnet should mean it’s not an iron plated bell, and I believe that makes it a bit more high end. The prices of similar type bells (not knowing the metal in it!) range from $15 us to as high as $250 from a quick scan of the internet. Depending on the metal content, yours could be at the high end I would think.

Hope that helps! Post what you find out, I’d be curious!