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Dear Max,

That was so nice of you. My research still goes on. The focus is now on how it got buried about 3 feet under a rice paddy and found by farmers in a small sleepy town here in the Philippines. The town used to be
an American camp during World War II. A california serviceman or officer during those days may have brought it here to be used as a bell for the mess hall. I forgot to enclose a photo of the bell in which there is an
inscription of the word “PROPERTY” on the top. A two letter word seems to be erased, thus, looks like ” US PROPERTY” on the top of the bell. But Kramer started making the bell in 1963.

Hope to hear from you again.

Best regards,

Virgilio Telmo

Attached image shows you with the bell. the engrave or emboss is similar to our bell here. the letter “O” is smaller.