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Garry; That guy from Peru again. Couple of months ago a seller in Peru wanted to sell me a three inch bell that had gold in it. After several e-mails he said all old bells from Peru have gold in them. I hope you did not have that golden sales job. What did the seller say the origin was? Any age except “old”? The two small bells are almost the size that were made in the western area of South America Peru, Equator up through the west coast of Panama to western Mexico an area called Mesoamerica. The shape of the two small bells is wrong, according to all the records and reports I have read for this timed frame, 600AD-1400AD. The large bell is quite out of the running for this time. It looks like a bell from early England. If the pea or clapper whatever you want to call it, holds a magnet then it is after the iron age. The introduction of Iron to South America was around 1600+/-. After about 1500AD small bells like #2 and #3 did not have the same status as earlier times. Just looking at the pictures we have no idea when or where these were made It would take a lot of research to classify them. I agree with you on time frame of the 70’s. Max Kurillo