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Hi Max!

Golden bells huh? Ah Gotta gets me some of them there bells! Well these have a golden tinkle but no gold metal, sorry!

Sounds like we have two different people. By old – I believe he was talking more modern and not ancient. He did not mention any particular date. My personal guess was that these are from the 70’s +/- 10 years, and I don’t think he knew the date himself, nor did he make any claims to anything other than ‘from Peru’ and ‘old’. His price was quite reasonable for this type of bell too (it’s the mail that gets you!).

I personally, typically use the term ‘old’ for the last 50 years, Vintage for 50-100 years, Antique for material in the hundreds of years old, and Ancient or Antiquity for those in the millennium (1,000’s) class. I have to admit, other than the USA’s Tariff act for “vintage” and “antique” I have not seen any consistent naming structure though.

I was more trying to find out if these bells were made in Peru or imported to Peru and if there was a way to more accurately date them. I hadn’t meant to imply they were a lot older though, sorry – I guess I used bad English. The one bell that looks repaired, I thought might give a clue.

I truly do appreciate your expert opinion that the date is about right and I read your reply with fascination. I hadn’t known all that history about these bells! Your words are always greatly appreciated!