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Garry, This is a good subject. Most all bells have a surface that tells what the bell is all about. In some cases the coloring of the features enhances that expression or story (what ever you want to call it) , it’s like watching a black and white movie or a vivid wide screen color movie. The end product depends on the persons artistic ability, tools at hand and why paint the bell: for fun, sales appeal or a good story. To get a good job there are many factors to look at; a) surface details, lettering and designs, b) surface condition, rusty, pitted, dirty, painted, etc, c) surface finish, smooth (lost wax method), or like 60 grit sandpaper, d) primer needed, e) type of application of paint, roller, paint brush, spray etc, f) type of paint,-for high detail the model RR paint is good, it is made special with very, very finely ground pigment not to cover up details. g) Large bells exposed to the weather should have special paint applied using some of the factors listed. Attached is a picture of a bell that because of the paint sold for a lot, lot more than it’s worth. Attractive but the bird is out of place, not original. I do not know the age of this bird & bell, the painting seems in good shape, probably not handled much.[attachment=1:i0j4k78m]riverside bell3.5×3.jpg[/attachment:i0j4k78m][attachment=1:i0j4k78m]riverside bell3.5×3.jpg[/attachment:i0j4k78m]