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Carolyn Whitlock

Rita has sent me some information that she found online about this type of rattle.

A person representing Genesis Arts in India says this is a traditional Indian Brass “Toy Bell” for Children. He goes on to say that this is an old toy bell made of bronze. It is a very old piece. It is widely used in southern India as an object of play for small kids. There is a myth in these areas that Lord Krishna used to play with this type of object in his childhood. In some parts of India, newly married women worship these objects in order to get a male child when they conceive. Apparently, these kinds of art pieces are displayed in the Sanskrit museum as “every day art of India” in Delhi, India.

An example of the type of bell rattle that is being described is 3.6 inches x 2.15 inches. The person who wrote about this bell believes the value of the bell is about $50.00.