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Thank you for the replies. I hate to admit it, but the measurements I used were from memory and apparently that wasn’t a good idea. Here are the measurements.
1. From the lip to the head of the bell is 7″. With the mounting pad it is 10″.
2. The mounting pad is 3″ high, 2.5″ across the front,1″ wide at the bottom, and .25″ wide at the top.
3. The outside at the bottom row of stars is 5″ across. The inside is 4.75″.
4. The cross bar looks like it has been split, with the mounting pad through the split. The yoke is through the mounting pad and cross bar, with threads showing on the opposite side. I would be afraid to try to take it apart.
5. The cross bar, yoke, clapper, and mounting for the clapper are affected by magnets, nothing else is.
6. The mounting pad looks as if it has been reenforced with a weld or welded onto the head.There is no difference in coloration in any of it and the connection does not affect a magnet.
7. I see no marks on the mounting pad that mean anything to me.
8. The bell weighs 17.5 pounds, all included.
9. I see no seams, inside or out. There a couple of small points of excess metal toward the bottom.They are close to an imaginary line below the edge of the mounting pad.
10. Now the bad news; The bottom from lip to lip is only 8.75″.[attachment=2:2zshxl6n]bell top back close.jpg[/attachment:2zshxl6n][attachment=1:2zshxl6n]bell clapper close.jpg[/attachment:2zshxl6n][attachment=0:2zshxl6n]bell top.jpg[/attachment:2zshxl6n]