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My father got it from his grandfather, Josiah William Grable, who was born in 1878 in Harrison County, Indiana and died in 1974 in Harrison County, Indiana. Josiah got it from his father’s widow, Mary S.( Littell) Grable (1838-1911), who brought it to Josiah’s farm after her husband, David Grable Jr., passed away in 1908. There was a small chip at the lip that occurred at the Grable farm, after which it was no longer used for fear of additional damage. Mary got it from her father, Josiah Littell, born on July 22, 1797 in Tennessee. He died on June 26, 1866 in Harrison County, Indiana. He was married to Mary S. Long, who was born on June 6, 1807 in Kentucky and died on Nov. 04, 1899 in Harrison County. They were married on March 29, 1827 in Harrison County, Indiana. The Littells are believed to have come to Indiana around 1815. It is not known from whom or when Josiah Littell or his wife Mary received the bell. His parents, Reuben and Elizabeth (Gormley) Littell were from Virginia State and Cumberland, Pennsylvania respectively. Her parents, Levi and Susannah (Elliott) Long were from parts unknown. Levi’s father, John E. Long (Dec. 25, 1755-May 21, 1828), was from Louisa County, Virginia. John’s wife, Delilah (Elliott) Long (Feb. 13, 1765-Sept. 12, 1844) and he are buried at Highfills burying Ground in Harrison County, Indiana. He is a recognized American Revolutionary Soldier.
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