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Hi David and my fellow bellers,
I have been looking at this bell for some time and have questions, that may or may not assist in identification. David, take a very good look inside where the clapper arm(s) is attached to the bell there is a loop, is the loop cast into the bell, like an upside down “U”, or is it like a screw-eye, the shape of a “O”. is it (loop) centered or to one side. As I see in the picture the clapper arm is jointed, can you measure the lenght of each section, the lower section will be from the joint to the bottom of the ball. Now measure the dia of the ball, you can scrach the ball and determine, if it’s lead, steel, etc. How is the lower clapper wire attached to the ball, cast into the ball, or clipped on like a fishing weight, if the ball is cast there should be mold seam marks. Can you explain what is around the clapper assembly, measure it, what is it made of , how is it attached to the ball. Now for the outside. Take a good look at the bird assembly on top, It looks like there might be a seam between this top and the bell body, clean this seam out and see what you can find, perhaps the bird was attached rather than cast with the bell, (that’s assuming the bell was cast). I leave you to your work , lookng forward to some good data, Max