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I took the yoke off, turned out to be a lot easier than I imagined. With the loose yoke I’ll play around with a mounting and try to make sure it won’t bind too much. I’m planning on doing a wood frame to support the bell which should make it a little easier to tweak the locations of the supports to minimize any binding. Maybe someday a good #5 yoke will turn up with a bad bell! Worse case I can have the bell stationary and swing the clapper.
I’ve located a steel ball just over 3.5 inches. It weighs almost 6 1/2 pounds! I will probably try to make a clapper using that, I hope it’s not too heavy.
I’ve got a few other projects going on, and I’m pretty good at procrastinating too, so if a good deal turns up for bell in better condition I may just ‘trade up’. I don’t seem to run across any, but I’ll have my friend keep an eye out.
Thanks for the help!